Kasetsart University Rail Engineering Center

KURAIL Information

Kasetsart University Rail Engineering Center or KURAIL is established since July 10, 2012 to provide Education, Research and Development, and Services for Thai Rail Industry.

KURAIL is a center within the Faculty of Engineering at Kasetsart University, where working staffs are faculty members from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and other related departments.

Founders of KURAIL are Mr. Ittichai Chitladapon, Mr. Marut Siriko, Professor Dr. John Roberts, Dr. Nantawut Sri-Ariyawat, and Dr. Wichai Siwakosit, with encouragements from Mr. Surapong Laoha-Anya, Professor Dr. Thanya Kiatiwat, Professor Vudhichai Kapilakanchana, Mr. Prasert Attanun, and Mr. Prapat Jongsanguan, former SRT Governor. Professor Dr. John Roberts is now serving as KURAIL chairman.

Rail Engineering Education
at Kasetsart University

KURAIL believes that Rail Engineering is naturally a multi-disciplinary field. Engineers in the rail industry are coming from the background of Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and other related fields. In this light, KURAIL has been offering classes in Rail Engineering since July 22, 2012, as selective classes for 3rd and 4th year engineering students from ALL disciplines.

The first class on SRT system has been conducted by Mr. Sanyawit Apichatapongse (Signalling), Dr. Thana Phupuekrattana (Rolling Stocks), and Dr. Attapon Kaoprasert (Permanent Way), all of them are SRT engineers. The first class in Metro System has been arranged by Mr. Rachit Raksasat of BTSC and endorsed by Mr. Surapong Laoha-Anya, COO of BTSC.

The first undergraduate class in Signalling and Telecommunication has been arranged by Bombardier, AMR Asia, and SRT, with collaborations from SRTET and Kumwell. The total number of students who graduated with their respective degrees with Rail Engineering knowledge is approximately 120 in 2014. Lao Railways has been actively participating since the beginning, with 15 people trained within this framework.

All the classes are provided in collaborations with SRT, BTSC, Bombardier, AMR Asia, Alstom, SRTET, MRTA, and Kumwell.

The current offerings are

  • 01200431 Principles of Rail Engineering
  • 01200432 Rolling Stock Technology
  • 01200433 Signalling and Telecommunication
  • 01200434 Rail Infrastructure
  • 01200435 Rail Operation and Maintenance

Classes are open for 3rd and 4th year engineering students of Kasetsart University in ALL disciplines. They will literally graduate with their respective majors with intermediate level of knowledge in Thai Rail Industry. Subjected to available space, special permission will be required for students from other universities and companies to join the classes.

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KURail Courses

Pathway for KU students to join Rail Engineering Classes

  1. Enroll with the Faculty of Engineering at KU in ANY department and ANY programs (Thai or International)
  2. Participate in 01200431 Principles of Rail Engineering Class as 3rd year students in the second semester
  3. Participate in the Practical Training Programs with KURAIL’s partners
  4. Continue with other classes afterward
  5. Conduct 4th year student projects with respective faculty members within KURAIL
  6. Go to work! or continue their graduate studies with KURAIL’s partners abroad, e.g. University of Newcastle upon Tyne in UK, the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (KTH) in Sweden, Beijing Jiaotong University in China, or the Korea National University of Transportation in Korea

Specialized Bachelor+Master International Program in Rail Engineering is jointly arranged by University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Kasetsart University as “3+1+M” program

  1. Students enroll with Mechanical Engineering International Undergraduate Program (IUP) at Kasetsart University
  2. At the 4th year, qualified students join the exchange program to University of Newcastle upon Tyne for 1 year and receive Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from KU
  3. Students get into Rail Engineering Program directed by Newrail, Newcastle Centre for Railway Research of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne for their Master of Engineering degrees from Newcastle in their 5th year

Rail Industry and Partner University Collaborations

KURAIL has been actively supported by the following institutes, organizations, authorities, and companies in Thai Rail Industry and related fields in terms of education, research, and professional services.

  • State Railway of Thailand (SRT)
  • Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company (BTSC)
  • Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA)
  • Office of Transport Policy
  • State Railway of Thailand Electric Train Company (SRTET, Airport Rail Link)
  • Lao Railways
  • Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI)
  • AMR Asia
  • Woojin Industries
  • Kumwell
  • Italian Thai Development
  • Hatari Technology
  • Newrail, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Railway group, the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden
  • Osaka Sangyu University, Japan
  • Nishimura Rail Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory, Japan
  • Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU), China
  • Korea National University of Transportation (KNUT), Korea
  • Kasem Pundit Univesity
  • Urban Rail Transit Journal, BJTU-Springer
  • Global Transport Forum
  • Asian Exhibition Services (AES)

R&D and Engineering Services

Faculty members of KURAIL has collaborated with organizations for the following practical researches and services.

  1. Platform Screen Door (PSD) Development with AMR Asia (2013-Present)
  2. Analysis of Heat Transfer of Bonding Process with Kumwell (2014-Present)
  3. Effects of Hi-Speed Rail Transportation to the communities along the route using predictive modeling for multi-mode transportation (Office of Transport Policy, 2014)
  4. Analysis of Tire Wheel Utilized with SRT and Its Fatigue Failure Modes (SRT, 2014)
  5. Optimization of Freight Bogie Suspension Spring for Increased Payload with Vertical Dynamics Consideration (SRT, 2014)
  6. Detailed Design of the MRTA South Purple Line (MRTA, 2012-2014)
  7. Professional Qualifications for Thai Rail Industry (TPQI, 2013-2014)
  8. Associate Editors of Urban Rail Transit Journal (BJTU-Springer, 2014-Present)

Professional Qualifications for
Thai Rail Industry

Thai Government had established the Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI) in 2010 to develop “Career Paths” for human resources in Thai Industry. TPQI is acting as a facilitator for each group of industry to create such Professional Qualifications by themselves e.g. Rail Industry, Auto Service Industry, Mechatronics Industry, Petroleum Industry, etc.

Thailand Professional Qualification Institute and KURAIL are jointly establishing the Professional Qualifications for Thai Rail Industry with SRT, BTSC, and SRTET with official endorsements from SRT, MRTA, BTSC, SRTET, AMR Asia, Hatari Technology, Department of Skill Development, Office of Vocational Education, Council of Thai Industry, Mr.Pramoch Cherdchuphong, TPQI, and Professor Dr. Thanya Kiatiwat.

Professional Qualification composed of Occupational Standards and Assessment Processes to identify “Competencies” of each person, which will benefit the industry and vocational education directly. This will not take into account one’s education qualification, but only one’s competencies. Industry will get human resources with the right competencies and vocational education can educate their students with the right contents which come directly from the industry

Thai Professional Qualification Framework compared to others (by TPQI)
Map Structure

For this first edition, there are 13 occupations in 2 levels for this Occupational Standard and Professional Qualifications for Thai Rail Industry:

  1. RST Engineer (5)
  2. RST Technician (Mechanical) (4)
  3. RST Technician (Electrical) (4)
  4. AFC Engineer (5)
  5. AFC Technician (4)
  6. Signalling Engineer (5)
  7. Signalling Technician (4)
  8. Mainline Signalling Technician (4)
  9. Operation Controller (4)
  10. Station Master (4)
  11. Train Controller (4)
  12. Commuter Train Controller (4)
  13. Operation Investigator (5)

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Product Development:
Platform Screen Door and EMP

KURAIL facilitates AMR Asia and RDiPT Kasetsart University for a development of Platform Screen Door as local product in Thailand. KURAIL endorses the use of EMP made entirely by AMR Asia as a vital safety component. Joint development of Train Simulator with SRTET for TC training is in the pipe line.